Fish Cutting Equipment

Pearce offers a complete line of cutting equipment for frozen fish block processing.  Our machines can be utilized as stand-alone work centers or integrated into automated production lines, depending on your needs.  This flexibility allows our customers to produce food service products at high volumes and smaller volume, quick changeover products on the same equipment. All Pearce machines are portable to allow plant floor flexibility.  Pearce designers will work with customers to create unique cut patterns and portion shapes to meet every need. We have also designed many custom saws for unusual or challenging products.


Pearce Universal Log Saw

The Pearce Universal Log Saw utilizes 3 individual band saw bodies to cut a standard fish block into 2,3,4,5 or 6 logs in either the 19 inch or 10 inch direction.


Pearce MultiSaw

The Pearce Multisaw is a fully enclosed bank of individual band saws, available in 4,5,6,7 and 8 saw versions to accommodate a full range of cut pattern possibilities.


Pearce Portion Saw and Vertical Cut Portion Saw

The Pearce Portion Saw and Vertical Cut Portion Saw cut planks produced by the Pearce Multisaw or manual band saw into sticks, portions, wedges or custom portion shapes.

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