Pearce Equipment

Pearce Multisaws

The Pearce Multisaw is a high volume slabbing saw which is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 saw versions. The Multisaw can cut logs up to 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall at rates up to 40 logs per minute. The Multisaw can also be used as a stand-alone saw, or as part of a fully automated production line. As with all Pearce saws, a safety lock assures the utmost in personnel safety.


The Pearce Autosaw is an automated replacement for a traditional hand band saw. The Autosaw offers significant safety advantages along with the consistency of machine-paced production.

Simple, user programmable features allow for cutting uneven log dimensions, block trimming, and even dimensional variance alarms. Custom features and data logging are also available upon request.
The Pearce Autosaw can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be combined with other Pearce Saws to create a fully automated cutting line.    

Universal Logging Saw

The Pearce Universal Logging Saw cuts a standard 16.5 (7.5kg) fish block into 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 logs and is geared toward high volume production. The Universal Log Saw used 3 blades and a PLC controlled transport system to accurately divide a fish block in either the 10 inch or 19 inch orientation into equal size logs. This machine can be manually fed or combined with other machines as a component of a fully automated line.

Pearce Portion Saws

The Pearce Portion Saw uses multiple rotary saw blades on a single arbor to produce rectangular portions and fish fingers from slabs. Cut patterns can be easily and quickly changed using inexpensive change parts to produce a tremendous variety of product configurations. With the Vertical Cutter option, a hydraulically driven guillotine is used in conjunction with the saw blades to produce triangles, wedges and even custom curved shape portions. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Spreader Conveyors

This versatile spreading conveyor or “spreader” is designed to be used in a production line where either the full belt width is not being used or there is a belt width mismatch between pieces of equipment. Fully adjustable urethane belting allows for adjustments to the “spread” depending upon belt widths and product sizes.

The engineered drive ratio is designed to drive the urethane belting at the correct speed necessary to maintain product orientation. The Spreader is specifically designed for use with the Pearce Portion Saw, but can be used in any application where belt distribution is critical. The Spreader can also be used in reverse allowing the product to be “squeezed” onto a smaller belt in the case of a belt mismatch.

Portion Saw Loader

The Portion Saw Loader provides the automated link between a Pearce Multisaw and a Pearce Portion Saw. The Loader monitors the level of product in the portion saw magazine and controls the flow of material from the multisaw. The Loader is completely mechanically timed for reliability and ease of maintenance, and is completely guarded for safety.

Pearce Block Press

The Pearce Block Press was designed to solve the costly problems associated with fish blocks that do not have uniform dimensions. The heavy duty Pearce Block Press will transform the average shaped fish block into a uniform block with standardized dimensions as well as make uniform blocks from fish trim and broken pieces, following a simple equipment conversion. Using the Pearce Block Press means a higher yield from each block, consistent fish weight in each portion or stick, and uniform packages. You will also see the elimination of rejects due to bad block formation and a reduction of downtime.

To make perfect blocks, the operator places the blocks onto a loading magazine. The block is then automatically fed to a shaping cavity which has precise dimensions.

When the block is in position, the press exerts up to 150 tons of force on the block to shape it to the dimensions of the shaping cavity.

The Pearce Block Press can also be fitted with an automatic feeding option.